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We recommend after you’ve clicked around to see how and where things are that you click on the (Webmaster) Manual link to your left (must be logged in to get into Edit mode) and view as many of the short videos as your time allows for now. You can always come back when you get more time and finish them. Our personal recommendation is to plan to sit down for an extended time and explore, test, get frustrated, then get excited again. Yes, it’s part of the process!

We are also available by phone but you may have to leave a message and a couple of good times to call you back. We are a small team but we are committed to your vision of extending your ministry to the world via the “world wild web”! See our website at the Getting Started link here for much more helpful hints and insights.

Since there’s no short cut for just digging in and “getting your hands dirty” we suggest you get started right away. If you’ve never done anything like this before we can assure you that it will be a wonderful experience knowing that with even a little effort (and prayer) you can accomplish this with great results.

I personally want to commend you and your ministry for your vision for moving your ministry online. The web is where millions of people around the world search for spiritual succor everyday. And, now you are in a place to provide them hope.

Congratulations! And, best wishes.

For Him and in His Name,


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